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The Nob(b)le Card Shark

The Nob(b)le Card Shark is a master of card tricks, magic and close-up magic, and fraudulent games. A professional companion who always knows what to do to best entertain the event's guests. He combines conversation, magic and games in a way that the guest gets the most out of the evening.

The Mentalist

The Mentalist hypnotizes, reads the minds of the event's guests and is also capable of implating thoughts without the guest noticing. He is a kind of "psychological magician". His other abilities include fortelling the near future. He will change your view on what is impossible.

The Magician

He is not a children's magician that is why he doesn't pull rabbits out of top hats. He is a charismatic magician. He will entertain you and let you have a peek at how to use certain abilities of magicians to your own good in everyday life.

Anatomy of Lying

According to the system of Dr. Ekman The Nob(b)les will show you how easy it is to discover lies and hiding of information. See the real emotions of the person you are talking to tête-à-tête. Microexpressions and The Nob(b)les expert will tell you everything you need to know.

The Hour of Truth

Try for yourself the tasks the Czech audience has seen in the TV gameshow "The Hour of Truth". The Nob(b)les have been preparing the tasks for seven years for the competing families, now they will prepare them for you.

Thimblerig (Shell game)

There are many versions of the Thimblerig, shell game, three card monte. You can play them with cards, coasters, tokens, bells, matchboxes, chains… Even in the classical way, with nutshells. Find out how observant you really are. Can you win?

Card Reading

Glimpse into your life with the help of the cards, which at one time were used by even Napoleon and his wife, Josephine. The cards can open our eyes and help us focus on something we already hiddenly know.

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